Photos by Stephan Tapken          

Ski Tours - Black Forest


During wintertime I spent a lot of my time on my skis, touring around our local hills in the BLACK FOREST. Even if the mountains are not that high (FELDBERG ~1500 HM), you sometimes can expect weather conditions like in the high mountains. The temperature can form sculptures in different ways and objects are wrapped by candy floss.

Merzhausen - Schneeburg

(Nov 2019)

November 9th, 2019 I was on my way to the SCHNEEBURG. Not only I had a brilliant view to FREIBURG, I also had luck with the weather conditions towards SWITZERLAND and FRANCE. LES VOGES in the background, low clouds in the air and the sunset was one of the highlights.

View to the Alps


Pictures have been taken on the BELCHEN December 27th / 2016 and on the same day in the year 2018. The weather and light conditions were almost the same. The view towards the ALPS was again fantastic.

View from Kloster Birnau
(Sep 2019)

September 9th, 2019 I was on my way to MUNICH driving along the BODENSEE. At KLOSTER BIRNAU I had a break knowing that this is one of the most famous places to take post card pictures. It was obvious what to shoot. The weather brought in some clouds, but I could still see the SWISS MOUNTAINS in the back.

Selection of various Animals

A selection of various animals that showed up in front of my camera. Pictures have been taken in our local Zoo MUNDENHOF and others at the NORTH SEA, near STUTTGART or in the BLACK FOREST. The swan pictures were taken during our summer holidays in a bay near the ITALIEN ADRIA. What a lucky day !

Night Skies

A selection of various Night Sky pictures. The pictures from the MOON have been taken with my Sigma 70-200 F2.8 DG OS HSM + 2x converter. If you have a close look you might find JUPITER on one of the pictures. The MILKY WAY pictures have been taken with the lovely NIKKOR 28 1:1.4 E ED on top of the FELDBERG.

Ice Cold

(Jan 2017)

The ICE pictures come from a creek of my hometown MERZHAUSEN. The pictures are the first ones done with my new NIKON D750 bought in fall 2016. After a very cold night the weather shaped the water into different crystals in contrast to the colors of the stones and grass.

Fairy Tale Sculptures
(Jan 2017)

Fairytale sculptures were shown at the creek in MERZHAUSEN. Only those who look closely will recognize animals and mystical creatures in the ice formations.

Ski Tour - Wallis
(Feb 2013)

The ski tour in February 2013 took me to VALAIS. From VILLAZ near EVOLENE we went up towards BUVETTE DE TSATÉ with magnificent views of the local mountains towards PIGNE D'AROLLA and the DENT BLANCHE.

Marseillan Plage
(Aug 2018)

Summer holidays 2018 in southern FRANCE on MARSEILLAN PLAGE. Early morning walks have provided stunning pictures. Likewise the trip to CAP D'AGDE, a district of AGDE on the MEDITERRANEAN COAST of the GOLFE DE LION.


Even though I mainly do landscape pictures, I try not to lose sight of the detail in the near vicinity.

SkiTours - Veysonnaz
(Jan 2016)

VEYSONNAZ, NENDAZ, 4 VALLÉES, ... lots of square kilometers for skiing and ski touring. The pictures were taken during our ski holidays January 2016. We had a lovely timber house with a step away to the ski slope. In the evening I took my camera and went up the hills again to catch the sunset and the beautiful Valley around SION.

Sunrise Feldberg
(Dec 2019)

During a prolonged high pressure phase at the end of December 2019, I drove to the BELCHEN at around 6 o'clock in the morning. While I was on the touring skis towards the summit, I was able to enjoy the beautiful light and the silence. This morning, the view towards the ALPS was phenomenal again. EIGER, MÖNCH, JUNGFRAU, MONT BLANC, ...

(Feb 2017)

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